Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelet


I remember the day

When we met the first time.

Then you showed me the way

How to feel very high

And that feeling was real...

I just could't believe...

So we made a big deal

That you will never leave

Mingailė Žemaitytė (Lithuania)

,,With those bracelets, I give you my friendship, and if you want, you can share with me yours” ( We )

It is said that amber should be gifted – friendship should be too. A friendship bracelet is given by one person to another like a symbol of friendship.

In Baltic states amber bracelets was given to the sailors by their wives because sea returns amber to the coast as she must return the man to the coast. Now amber friendship bracelet is given for the leaving person to return.

Friendship should last long so and friendship bracelet for this reason we work on highest quality technology:

  • Only 100% natural Baltic amber is used
  • Handmade
  • No chemicals were used
  • Completely rounded beads (this is a unique high-quality feature): they are better looking and more durable

Read about wearing rules and rituals of giving bracelet.

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